My Journey on Weight Loss

I have been on my journey with Weight Watchers since November 2011 right before Thanksgiving. When I joined again I wanted to make changes in my life I wanted to feel better about myself . I first began it was in 2003 when we were stationed  in Hawaii at Hickam AFB.  I was active in walking and exercise but my eating habits was not good I wanted to make a lifestyle change. I also new that it was not like other programs I had been on they were good in there on way but I wanted a different approach.

O my how right I was for my New beginning (smile)what I loved about it was the fruit and veggies that was included. I thought I had a liked a lot of vegetables but over time I feel in love so many other kinds of vegetables.

I had been with Weight Watchers for about 6 months or more we found out we had another assignment to mainland United States (Oklahoma) our home state we were do to leave around August or September.

After joining I started riding the bicycle I loved it riding by the ocean I felt rejuvenated and so refreshed the wind blowing on my face and by the ocean o my loved it. Let me interject a story I would like to share concerning the ocean. When I wanted to be by myself I would go with hubby to one side of the island to get close where it was safe to sit and close my eyes to hear the waves and taste the salt on my lips and tears started flowing down my cheeks you see it brought everything how I felt about God in my heart of how he created everything I was hearing and tasting on my lips how the waves were crashing on the rocks how safe I felt in him and safe close to see and hear the waves crashing the beauty of his creation was so spectacular.

Well I will go for now I will right more later about my Journey.